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2018 Oct-Nov-Dec Tudor Life Magazine




Did Anne Boleyn Wear Knickers? - Catherine Parr and Anne Askew - Toil and Trouble: Witchcraft - Upon the Altar of Diana - Staging the Supernatural - Potentially Bloody Edward VI - A-Z who’s who Tudor Crossword - Why are so many witches women? - Most Haunted Tudor Places - Henry VII and his devotion God Tudor Music as Propaganda - Superstition in Politics: The Downfall of Lord Hungerford - BOOK REVIEWS: Jane Seymour by Alison Weir & Mary, Queen of Scots by Robert Stedall - Member Spotlight: Toni Mount shares her experiences at Lockwood - From The Spicery: On 16th Century Feasting - Think this portrait is Catherine Howard? Think again... The Credo of Mary I - Wyatt’s Rebellion - The Martyr Anne Askew - John Foxe and the Compilation of his ‘Book of Martyrs’ - Dissolution, Mathematics and Shakespeare - ‘Assumptiontide at Hever’ - Genevieve Bujold - Focus on Dmitry Yakhovsky .- At the crossroads of the reformation - Sigismund II - Anne of Cleves’ Childhood and Family - The Lord Leycester Hospital - BOOK REVIEWS: Four Queens and a Countess & Elizabeth I: A study in insecurity - From the Spicery: At the Table of Elizabeth I - Tudor Entertainment: Part 1 - The Cecils and Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex - All about Elizabethan Spies - The Cecils - Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford, The Great Cecil’s Son-in-Law - ‘Elizabeth’ - Bill Wolff visits the Franses Gallery - Claire’s Christmas Recipes - Tudor Games - BOOK REVIEWS: Pustules, Pestilence and Pain & The Queen and the Heretic - From the Spicery: Sweet Nothings - Tudor Entertainments: Part 2

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