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2018 Jul-Aug-Sep Tudor Life Magazine




Crown and Parliament - James I: A Life of difficulties - ‘The Wicked Dealings of ... ungodly Creatures’ - Margaret Tudor True or False Quiz - Was James I Gay? - Editor’s Picks for books on James I - Heroic or Villain? James I in Gunpowder - Tudor Science: Studying Stars - Memories from the Anne Boleyn Experience 2018 - Tudor life in action - From the Spicery: On Ales - Tudor Ghost Story Competition - Magnificent Tattershall Castle - The Fascinating History of Lingfield Village - Richard III Visitors Centre - The Serpent and the Comforter: Conversations with a Heretic - The Pilgrimage of Grace - Resounding to the Name of Mary: Tudor Veneration of the Blessèd Virgin Mary - Two Tudor Thomases Quiz - The Piety of Elizabeth of York - Tudor Science: Exploration - William Byrd: Recusant Catholic in a Protestant Court - Anne of Cleves and the Legends of the Rhine - A unique collection of Holbein Prints - From the Spicery: on Mushrooms - he Dudleys and the Royals they Served - Edmund Dudley: Henry VII’s Henchman? - ‘Lady Jane’ The Film - Dudley Kriss Kross Quiz - The One the got away: Queen Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley - The Dudley Tombs at Warwick - The Dudley Carvings in the Tower - Jane Grey, Queen of Bradgate - Amy Robsart - The Farnese Pope - Jousting at Hever Castle - Loving and Mourning Queen Jane - Arundel Castle - Henry VIII: The Tax Man Cometh - Copernicus and Astronomy - From the Spicery on 15th Century Feasting

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