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2017 Oct-Nov-Dec Tudor Life Magazine




Little Moreton Hall, Marriage, sex and scandal in the lives of ordinary people, Mary, Queen of Scots, Discover Shakespeare, Literature, film & TV, How to sleep like a Tudor, How to go to the theatre, The Portraiture of Katherine Howard, The Artist Gerlach Flicke, Children’s Education by Toni Mount, The Legacy of the Bodice Ripper, Salep, Bessie Blount, Damascin Stradling, Catherine Gordon, “Duchess of York”, would-be-queen, and lady-in-Waiting, England’s Ladies-in-Waiting during the late middle ages, Bess of Hardwick, Maids of no honour, The Queens and their ladies, Imagining María de Salina by Wendy J. Dunn, Extract from The Raven’s Widow by Adrienne Dillard, The Queen and the Last Boleyn EXCLUSIVE by Leanda de Lisle, Tudor Society Members’ Photo Competition Entries, Windsor Castle Photo Montage, 15 questions about Ladies-in-Waiting, The Tudor Housewife: Pregnancy, Cheese, Enjoy a Tudor style Christmas, Yule Tide at Little Moreton Hall, Some Christmas Fun, Blessed Margaret Pole, Why were heretics imprisoned in the Lollards’ Tower?, The unmaking of a martyr: The case of Saint Thomas Becket during the early reformation, Harping on ... a brief history of the renaissance harp, Margaret Clitherow: Elizabethan Martyr, The cinematic creation of martyrs in “Elizabeth”, The Tudor Housewife: Childbirth, Fantastical Beasts

246 pages

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