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Online Course – Gloriana: the life and times of Elizabeth I, 1533-1603

elizabethermineportrait hilliardI've had an email from the Cambridge University Institute of Continuing Education about an online course they're running in 2016 on Elizabeth I. It looks really good so I just had to share the details.
You can find out more about it and book online at, but here is the blurb:

She was called Gloriana! The Virgin Queen! Elizabeth created a propaganda image of herself embodying English victories and English power which has endured into the 21st century. But what was the reality of her reign? This course will seek to explore the life and times of this extraordinary woman and, in the process, uncover something of the truth behind the mask. We will explore such topics as her troubled and often dangerous youth, her policies as Queen where she was a woman in a man's world, as well as looking at some of the famous events and personalities of her reign.

Aims of the course:

Course content overview:
This course aims to provide a comprehensive introduction to the general narrative of the period 1533-1603, focusing upon the life and reign of Elizabeth I. The course will examine the personalities involved, religious, social and cultural history, the war with Spain and the Armada as well as discussing some of the long-term consequences of the reign.

Schedule (this course is completed entirely online):
Orientation Week: 18-24 April 2016
Teaching Weeks: 25 April-29 May 2016
Feedback Week: 30 May-5 June 2016

A Certificate of Participation will be awarded to participants who contribute constructively to weekly discussions and exercises/assignments for the duration of the course.

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