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Welcome to the Tudor Society! I do hope you're enjoying being a member. There is so much to see and do on the Tudor Society website that I thought it might be helpful to give you some hints and tips on how to find things:

  • From the homepage, you can see recent content listed in the boxes under the top menu bar and as "Latest News"
  • Top menu bar - You can use top menu bar and its drop-downs to navigate to the forum, chatroom, bios and Tudor News.
  • Tudor news - under this heading on the top menu bar, you will find links to the magazine archive, quizzes, Claire Chats videos, expert talks, resources and more.
  • Search box - On the top right of the site is a search box which allows you to search the website for specific people or topics.
  • Magazines - All members have access to our magazine archive which goes back to our very first magazine from September 2014. Use the "magazines" link from the "Tudor News" drop down, or go to www.tudorsociety.com/category/magazines/
  • Other archives - Everything is archived on the Tudor Society and is accessible to all members. Use the drop down menu from "Tudor News" on the top menu bar to navigate to our archives for expert talks, videos, quizzes, primary sources... Enjoy!
  • Side menu - Once you have clicked through to a page or article, you will see a side menu bar. Here, you will have access to your profile, a clickable list of the very latest content, categories of content to explore, and archives listed by month.
  • Profile - You can access your profile/account by clicking on "Profile" at the top of the right-hand side menu or by going to www.tudorsociety.com/account/. There, you'll be able to edit your email address, change your password and change/cancel your subscription.
  • Contact us - We're here to help you in any way that we can. Simply use the Contact Us link in the side menu or go to www.tudorsociety.com/contact/ to contact us.
  • Weekly round-ups - You will receive weekly round-ups of new content and alerts regarding events such as live-chats etc. via email from info@tudorsociety.com so do check your spam/junk box if you don't receive them.
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