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Marriage Melancholy: Untangling Unhappy Tudor Unions (Part 2)

Thumbnail for my video on unhappy Tudor marriages showing the painting of Amy Robsart dead at the bottom of her stairs

In this second part of "Marriage Melancholy", I'm exploring the unhappy union of Penelope Devereux, a poet's muse trapped in an unhappy marriage; the tragic union of Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk, and Elizabeth Stafford, marred by accusations and domestic turmoil; the intriguing story of Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford, and Anne Cecil, as their seemingly orchestrated marriage gives way to strained relations and unexpected alliances; the complexities of Mary, Queen of Scots, as she navigates through two ill-fated marriages, each marked by betrayal, conspiracy, and tragic consequences, and the mysterious death of Amy Robsart, wife of Robert Dudley, and the scandalous affair between Dudley and Douglas Sheffield, shrouded in secrets and dark rumours.

Embark on a captivating journey into the heartbreaks and intrigues of these Tudor marriages with me...

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