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Eric Ives Talk – Anne Boleyn

This rare recording of Professor Ives was made during the 2011 Anne Boleyn Experience with a group of 20 guests from around the world. We were seated in the Inner Hall area of Hever Castle, Kent, after a delicious meal in the great hall of the castle.

Or you can Download here - Eric Ives

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  1. M /

    Wow such a great talk with Eric Ives. Can’t wait to finish his book.

    1. < / Post Author

      He was a brilliant historian and a lovely chap, he really could have talked about Anne all night and his passion shone through.

  2. Z /

    Loved the talk and learned a lot!

    1. < / Post Author

      Eric Ives was THE expert on Anne Boleyn and is sadly missed. I’m glad you enjoyed his talk.

  3. J /

    I finally got through this audio and am amazed at Eric’s obvious expertise. I wish I could have been on that tour and his presentation at Hever. Now I see why he is held in such high regard. Requiescat in pace, Professor Ives.

    1. < / Post Author

      He was a lovely man and everyone at the talk could quite happily have listened to him all night. He was also a real gentleman, allowing me to completely grill him over dinner!

  4. L /

    Hi. I couldn’t play Professor Ives. The link must be broken. It just loops back to this page.


    Loretta Bridges

    1. < / Post Author

      Unfortunately we had problems a few weeks ago with our server and it somehow lost the audio and at the moment I can’t remember where I put the original – sorry!

  5. C /

    What a shame. I was dying to listen to it, as I’m three quarts though Professor Ives’ book on Anne Boleyn. I now why the say it’s you Bible on Anne.

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Eric Ives Talk – Anne Boleyn