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Cover teaser May Tudor Life Magazine


Here is the cover taster for the forthcoming Tudor Life magazine. You've guessed it, May's theme is Anne Boleyn, and like we have in the past, we've gone 'all out' with articles and contributions about Queen Anne Boleyn. From Claire Ridgway, Marilyn Roberts, Roland Hui, Gareth Russell, Elizabeth Norton and Hunter S. Jones. PLUS there are all the usual articles and Tudor fun.

If you're an Anne Boleyn Addict
then you're not going to want to miss this one!

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  1. James Mewborn /

    Glad to see Melanie Taylor will have a discussion of the Paris Tudor exhibition. I was wondering about that!

  2. ricki mitchell /

    Looking forward to it!! and can’t wait to read Melanie Taylor’s article on the Tudor exhibit

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Cover teaser May Tudor Life Magazine